“To Friends and Heroes alike…”

I grinned as, in rapid succession, Charlie, Bob and Thumper drove up to the house. At the back of Charlie’s and Bob’s trucks were trailers loaded with snowmobiles and ATV’s. Thumper, in his usual style, had opted for his racing trailer, and I could only imagine what he’d packed inside.

Shaking my head, I called out as the doors opened on the trucks, “You guys are cutting it pretty close. The sun is almost down.” Thumper grinned at me. “What’s in the trailer?” Thumper’s grin grew broader.

“My Baja race truck. I spent all afternoon stripping the body off and welding in a couple of additional bucket seats with 5-point harnesses.”

My jaw dropped. “What the hell? What are you thinking of using it for?” Thumper scared me from time to time. He tended to go a bit overboard with his various hobbies. Continue reading

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

As the President’s face faded from the screen to be replaced by a stunned news team, my thoughts began to race. I mentally ran down an inventory in my head of food, fuel for heating the house, drinking water, ammunition, medicine. My hearing drifted in and out as the news team began to try to regurgitate what the President said in “everyman” terms, but to me, it was clear as a bell: the Government did not trust its citizens and was afraid that the attacks of the early morning hours were merely the opening salvo of a war to bring down the Government of the United States. A line from a movie ran through my head: “The people should not be afraid of the Government, the Government should be afraid of the people.” Continue reading