The Pentagon is a huge building. It contains 3.7 million square feet of offices. It is sometimes called the “Puzzle Palace”, not only for some of the strange ideas that come from there, but more for the difficulty in finding your way around the building. 17.5 miles of corridors, 5 “rings” or concentric circles, 5 levels above ground, and 2 below that are publically acknowledged. In an unacknowledged sub-basement, in an unmarked room, a computer monitor displayed pictures and text. The man staring at the screen swore softly and typed an instruction on the keyboard. The screen changed again, this time displaying force dispositions by branch and time of last contact. He reached for the mouse and opened a new window, starting a new program. The title screen flashed, then asked for his Command ID and required password. Looking down at an open folder on his desk, he typed in the requested information from the top sheet in the folder. The screen cleared and then displayed “Authorization Accepted”.

It was 2 o’clock in the morning. Some would say that General Bronson was committing treason. The general thought otherwise. Continue reading


What follows is one story of what some called the Second Revolutionary War, others Civil War II, but for most of us ordinary people living in the United States, it was simply ‘The War’. No one alive then could remember a time when the United States was not involved in a war somewhere in the world. We had all seen Presidents come and go, the changing of the guard in Washington D.C. wasn’t really changed; they were the same players as before, playing the same game as before. Whether they called themselves Republican or Democrat, it wasn’t so much about the name or if they were Left, Right or Centrist. It was always about being against the other side.

Bi-partisanship? It was given lip service only. And all the while the country slid further and further into decay. Because nothing was done in Congress, our country’s infrastructure, the roads and bridges, the electrical system and the Internet, that everybody relied upon every day crumbled. Of course, when there was a disaster, like the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis in 2007, everyone scrambled to put up a good front and get the bridge replaced, but the underpinnings of the government that was supposed to keep things like that from happening in the first place did not change, in point of fact, they got progressively worse.

The $700 Billion dollar bailout of Wall Street in October of 2008 set the stage for what was to come. Of course, the $700 Billion was not enough.  Pretty soon, it was $1 Trillion dollars. Then it was $1.5 Trillion. By that time, winter had set in with a vengeance. The election had come and gone. The new President was in office and the Republicans were howling mad, stating for the record that the Democrats had stolen the election, despite the fact that the old man who claimed to be a ‘Maverick’ wasn’t and his running mate scared the be-jeebers out of most of the ordinary citizens in the country. It was going to be a long winter…