Frequently asked Questions

Why can’t I comment directly on each story segment?

Comments are only allowed on the comment page for a particular segment. This was done to keep the segement intact and easy to read. I do read the comments, and especially those on grammer and spelling. I will edit and correct segements as needed, and may actually change a segment depending on how the story as a whole proceeds. This is a work in progress, and you are part of the story, so comments are needed to keep it alive.

2 thoughts on “Frequently asked Questions

  1. Hey, Mike, please check your RSS meta entries — Google Reader couldn’t find either feed from the Meta links. I did get the entries feed but I couldn’t get the comments feed and I WANT IT.

  2. I got that resolved — you hadn’t been officially recognized as a commenter (is that a word?) yet. Once I had approved your comments, the syndication started working.

    I will use comments to post update notices as I work on each chapter.

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