Cast of Characters

James Peters– Narrator. Owns property alongside Camp Ripley, north of Little Falls Minnesota. Owns a construction company in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Lauren Hall – friend of James Peters. Lives in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Went to the University of Minnesota with Bambi Rarebon. Has a Masters Degree in Special Education, currently working on her PhD.

Betsy and Fred Norris – housekeepers for James Peters. Retired farmers. Betsy was a nurse before she married Fred. Fred served in World War II in the 1st Infantry Division and retired as a First Sergeant.

George and Danie Constance – married friends of James and Lauren. Together they own and operate a propane distribution company in Little Falls, Minnesota. George lived next-door to James and they went to school together through college.

Charlie and Susan Dodge – married friends of James and Lauren. Susan is an accountant and Charlie works at the local lumberyard in Little Falls.

Bob and Shirley Rice – married friends of James and Lauren. Bob is a machinist at a St. Cloud manufacturing company and Shirley is a Nurse Practitioner at St. Cloud Regional Hospital.

Wayne “Thumper” and Bambi Rarebon – Wayne was a college roommate of James. Bambi (yes, that’s her given name) was a college roommate of Lauren Hall. Wayne worked at Honeywell Defense Systems and then at Alliant Techsystems as a design engineer. Bambi received Masters in both Political Science and History and works as a legal assistant at a large law firm in St. Cloud.

Major Daniel Lockhart – Friend of James Peters, served in the US Army together, was James’ XO when James was Battalion Commander of a Heavy Armored Battalion during the mid-1990’s. Now the aide to General Bronson.

General Bronson – Commander of the United States Army Heavy Combat Teams. Based at the Pentagon.

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